BattleHand 1.2.18 Apk + Mod (Money + High XP Gain) Android RexDL

BattleHand 1.2.18 Apk + Mod (Money + High XP Gain) Android

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Download BattleHand 1.2.18 Apk + Mod (Money + High XP Gain) Android RexDL

BattleHand Mod RPG Games Online Android

Download free apk mod latest games for android with direct link from rexdl. This game developed by and mod version source from Revdl, Andropalace and Apkreal.


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Battlehand mod apk, strategy, action, adventure, role-playing as a quality production that blends elements emerges the Android platform. Noting with great 3-D character animation with queen wraps around the Amethyst awakening are fighting to send the game to where they came nasty monsters.

Do you ever feel that the game intentionally tries to confuse you, complicating the touch, to try to pull the wool over your eyes? The feeling is unacceptable to assume that it was a modus operandi of Kongregate with BattleHand, but a distant sense of disorientation is certainly a by-product of the integrated game approach to the card fighter.

He’s been watching animated movies with high-quality visual feeling has been that we are moving through a story we meet in the game, and we fight over cards. Gain level is jumping on the war, we can develop the talents of our fighters.

The complex, because, as a kitchen cleanser product that also boasts, it can also be used to keep pets free of fleas, BattleHand is not just a battle with cards. No, he imagines himself to be something like an RPG, which means that you get a lot of crunches and update everyone in one fun little package. The problem is that if you have a brain capable of processing several different calculations at once, it will most likely leave your mind in a fog.

Indeed, the forces in BattleHand seem to work against each other from beginning to end. Although the loan should go to the developer for visual effects, which, albeit generic, come with aplomb, animations that bring battles to some kind of life, the characters that they shape around are obviously unoriginal. If we need to take on the role of another good magician or a brash elf, and eyes with bat wings for a particularly uninspired appendage, we can just scream. Of course, when it comes to imitating Tolkien and his family, BattleHand is something like a lender.

However, the idea is that you gradually unite actors of different characters to take on an increasing number of creatures, in turn, contests that, as you might expect from a card fighter, swing between an attack and defense from one progress to the next. Attempt of BattleHand in that quickly turned into an incredibly saturated market, is that it uses different elements that apply to both cards and characters.

As a folded game of stone, paper, scissors, coming to the top of battle in battle, this is the case of the exploration of the Earth, Fire, Water, Spirit and Air, while all have their strengths and weaknesses - a la Pokemon. For example, fire maps that play a fiery character will do more damage to the attacker on Earth, but are equally vulnerable to water cards.

Thus, BattleHand accuses you of accepting the right characters in every battle based on your opponents, which also means that it's important to update them all at about the same speed if you need to survive. This, however, is where things get a bit complicated. The BattleHand menu systems are ridiculously entangled, which is borne out by the fact that rather obsessive manual holding, designed to guide you through a series of different screens littered with bright shiny buttons, seems to have an absolute age.

Regardless of whether it's about the implementation or the large number of measures that BattleHand charges you, keeping an eye on the situation is simply not fun and dramatically contrasted with the relatively simple nature of the battles themselves.

However, the biggest problem is that none of this is particularly new. Even considering the desire to combine a bitter card with the RPG style format, it seems particularly safe trying to serve over a game that will be pretty good to guess in a space already awash with games trying to do the same If you are instructed to describe a friend why you chose BattleHand on any of the alternatives, the attractive animations that accompany the battles will be your only real starting point.

This does not mean that BattleHand is in no way bad, and for those who can cope with the menu screens, the battles themselves become as tactical as you would expect from a card fighter, with an emphasis on the elements that really come into play, However, given this , people who previously brought us Fable, it does not seem unfair to expect something more bold, a little bright, a little less sterile. BattleHand can have a lot of content loaded into the game, but we have not seen anything before. Many, many times before.

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